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I am interested in the intersection between the natural world and technology. Water is often used as a metaphor for how electrical current flows within a circuit. Within the audio world we reference “signal flow” as the direction and series of processes used to manipulate an audio signal. Human experience references water, such as our physical bodies being made of mostly water ,  an emotional/mental experience of being  “in the  flow,” and taking the path of least resistance or “go with the flow.”


Hydrophony is an exploration of combining DC current to trigger water vessels. The sound carries through the water and is picked up by hydrophones within the vessels, therefore the water acts as an audio filter. I am using various hacked DC motors, solenoids, and aquarium pumps on a central tower housed by an infinity mirror, all of which are sitting on top of a water proofed subwoofer filled with water. The various notes coming through the sub creates the visual phenomenon known as cymatics. The DC triggers are controlled via a MIDI controller that translates MIDI sequences to the various motors. Water bottles hang overhead causing drips that fall into a vessel that houses another hydrophone, simulating the sound of rain. The last piece of the audio experience is a triangle tape loop recording of the Pacific Ocean.


By combining an essential element for life with the technological automation of electricity becomes a whimsical interactive experience - half a novel interpretation of animatronic entertainment of the past, half an altar to the sanctity of water. Hydrophony asks the viewer to slow down, listen, and evaluate the importance of water for sustaining life on this planet and as a metaphor for mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. 

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